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And when we fall into the trap of seeing ourselves as less appealing than other women, it’s easy to feel grateful to be “found.” That’s a recipe for a bad match.

Here’s why: Your concern about being viewed as “young” or attractive makes you even less willing to speak up about what you want.

As you write your profile, think about the kind of person you’re trying to attract .

What about your life might be attractive to your ideal date?

Let’s get to know each other first.” Be aware that many profiles are fake, set up by scammers eager to work their way into your pocketbook.

Scambook, the Internet’s leading complaint resolution platform, issued an advisory in response to statistics showing that women over the age of 50 are most likely to be victims of online dating scams.

Remember those admonitions about being “too forward”? Online dating is a process that starts with “who is this person?You might write a different profile and share different pictures when trying to meet a partner for romance than if you’re just looking for a friend to go to movies and events with.When you’re clear on what you want and your profile reflects it, there’s a greater chance of the ‘right’ people connecting with you.Millions of people of all ages use online dating sites, and many have found love or friendship that way.But whether you’re actually looking online or have just flirted with the idea, if you’re an older woman you might have an inkling that this way of meeting potential partners is especially challenging for you.

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Days may pass, and no one’s looking at your profile.

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