Worship 4 today pt 3 consolidating and expanding horizons

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Worship 4 today pt 3 consolidating and expanding horizons

The wonderful thing is that it was carried by obscure, unknown men and women. When the persecution arose they were scattered abroad.They were Jews who had been converted to Christianity.At last the gospel broke through the Jewish barriers that had held it in and was now reaching out to the Gentiles.Soon we have the natural consequence, the beginning of a new church: And the hand of the Lord was with them, and a great number that believed turned to the Lord.No one can tell where he comes from or where he is going. The Holy Spirit has cut new channels repeatedly throughout twenty centuries of church history. Unfortunately we Christians consider that to be some special kind of activity.We view it as emergency procedure on God's part when we ought to recognize that it is the normal pattern of God at work.And amazingly, the evangelization was conducted by obscure men and women, laymen like most of you here.They made no headlines on earth, but extra editions were published in heaven because this was such a fantastic event.

He was a Greek-speaking Jew, having come from Cyprus himself, so he could identify with those from Cyprus and Cyrene who did the preaching here.

That carries you all the way back to the seventh chapter, just a few months after Pentecost.

So, the gospel began to penetrate the Gentile world almost from the very beginning.

Yet the very next words say that some, on coming to Antioch, spoke to the Greeks, to the Gentiles, preaching the Lord Jesus.

And notice when: It was at the time of the persecution that broke out over Stephen, the first martyr of the church.

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