Wildwind dating

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Wildwind dating

Married couples, many of you stopped dating a long time ago, and need to get at it again!So you don’t get off the hook with our dating sermon this morning just by virtue of being married!So I want to suggest to you today three principles that should guide those who are, and who should be, dating!

You’d think after more than 40 years together they’d have figured that out. (Unfortunately this is how some think of sex too, and we’ll address that later this morning!My friends, what is there to say, Biblically, about dating? Dating didn’t happen in Biblical times – marriages were arranged. When a subject isn’t addressed directly in the Bible, we look for principles – for general advice we can find about one area of life that applies to other areas.This is really easy to do with dating, because although the Bible doesn’t talk about dating, it does talk a lot about relationships.Here's the story of their whirlwind romance...Here's the story of Jen Gotch and her husband's whirlwind romance... We almost went right to Vegas to get married, but decided that we'd want our parents to be there.

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That would include all unmarried couples, and all married couples.

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