Why is dating hard good question to ask someone your dating

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We have been inundated with the idea that somewhere out there is a perfect person who will sweep you off your feet, take away your troubles, and shower you with gifts as a sign of love and adoration when we should be focused on finding a companion who is a good person at the core.

It shouldn’t be about how they dress, what they look like, what they buy you, or how much money they have but rather whether or not they share the same moral compass, goals, and aspirations as you.

I don't know if maybe guys who have kids prefer women who are childless because it is less complicated?

I think some prefer moms, though, maybe so that they will understand or be better with the kids.

At this point you’re probably like well, “Cool story but why is it so hard to find a genuinely good partner? Thanks to the recent introduction and popularity of dating apps and the fact that our current generation idealizes the “faux” expectations we see on social media daily these platforms have taught us to believe that we do indeed have options and have shaped our ideas of what a perfect partner ought to be like.

Instead of working through issues and growing with our significant other or giving the person we’re dating a chance we wake up and scroll through Instagram, have a brief swipe session on Bumble, and scour through Facebook updates garnering an arsenal of reasons or ideas as to why the current person we’re dating is not good enough or not living up to our expectations as a partner.

I wait for quite a while to have sex because it does seem a lot of guys arent looking for anything serious. I see a decent number of guys that age NOT wanting women in their thirties.

The sad truth is that what we see plastered on social media isn’t real.

Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that there are guys and girls out there that go above and beyond for the person they’re dating whether it is just the beginning of something new or they’ve been with their partner for quite some time.

Now they have a blended household of five kids total and everyone is miserable.

The teens are angry, angry, angry, the littler ones see the tension and are acting out, and the strain is killing their marriage. It's hard for my over-40 child-free friends but I think it's worse if you have kids.

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