Who is nona gaye dating

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Who is nona gaye dating

Actress and singer who played Zee in the science fiction film The Matrix Reloaded alongside Keanu Reeves.In 2004 she provided her voice for the animated film The Polar Express.The four had been smoking weed and snorting cocaine when Gaye noticed the pair sizing her up. Yours.” The next night, when the other couple returned for more, Gaye’s enthusiasm had become something else. “To watch purity turn to perversity is a fascinating thing,” he told her. Marvin Gaye’s immense, undeniable talent for singing and songwriting, and his equally impossible-to-dismiss sex appeal, were accompanied by increasingly heavy drug use — freebasing cocaine eventually did him in — and erratic moods, a constant tug of war between thrills, love, lust and terror. Her mother, Barbara, was friends with Ed Townsend, Gaye’s producer, and he brought her to the studio to watch Gaye record.“I think they want to take this party to the next phase,” he said. Hunter recalls her first time seeing Gaye in person.

Gaye has also starred in the movies Crash, x Xx2: The Next Level, The Gospel, and Blood and Bone.

She also has a son named Nolan who was born in 1997.

Janis Hunter was a mother of two in her early 20s when her longtime lover, father of her children and one of the world’s most lusted-after soul singers, Marvin Gaye, suggested an amorous liaison with another couple. This was your dream come true.” “Not my dream, Marvin. I won’t try.” She refused, the couple left and Gaye told her how he really felt about the fantasy that his prodding had made real. And yes, I do admit, it is exciting to watch you fall.” “After the Dance,” a memoir by Gaye’s mistress-turned-wife Jan Gaye, written with David Ritz, recalls a love affair propelled by just these sorts of mind games.

“I’ll be a far more loving and patient teacher than whomever the school provides.” Being together, though, was not his only motive. “There are all those strapping young high-school football players looking to love on you.

They’re my competitors.” One day, he picked her up from school and said he needed to make a stop.

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We will have a son.” Anytime they discussed their child, Gaye referred to him as a boy, and expressed a preference for such.

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