Who is lisa randall dating

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Who is lisa randall dating

Over the river and through the woods to Wyoming they will go!While some Americans may head to the beach or amusement parks over spring break, Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall decided to visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a private family getaway. News, the couple was spotted enjoying a trip to Whole Foods where they walked arm-in-arm to their car.But Penzias and Wilson rightly won the Nobel anyway.In the 1990s, astronomers discovered that the expansion of the universe accelerates rather than decelerates, as they had originally planned to measure, yet no one knows what provides the dark energy that is responsible, or even if it necessarily is a constant energy, which the term “dark energy” implies.Of the 204 Nobel laureates in physics, only two have been women — and the first and best-known, Marie Curie, was included only because her husband, Pierre, insisted that she, too, be awarded for their joint work. But imagine how many more people she would have reached if her name was also on the list of laureates. Rubin’s lack of a Nobel leads to these sorts of conversations, rather than merely recognition of her achievements.Prizes and awards usually require a judgment call, and there will almost always be some degree of controversy. It is important for individuals, for the sociology of science and for science itself. When women are included on any list of hires, speakers or awardees, the people responsible often point with pride to their efforts, as if it were a service, no matter how deserving the recipients might be.Even physicists who are now legendary frequently work in obscurity until the Nobel elevates them to global stardom. Rubin or her work, despite its pathbreaking significance.

Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson found noise in their radio antenna, which other physicists later explained was actually the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation from the time of the Big Bang.

Dark matter interacts gravitationally the way that ordinary matter does — clumping into galaxies and galaxy clusters, for example — but we call it “dark” because it doesn’t interact, in any perceptible way, with light.

So 85 percent of the matter in the universe is not familiar matter.

It is not made up of atoms and doesn’t carry an electric charge.

Observations in the 1980s presented convincing evidence of dark matter, opening a vast field of scientific work.

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She noticed that stuff far out in galaxies rotated at the same speed as stuff near the center — not what you would expect unless there was far more matter in the galaxy than anyone could see. Rubin’s insight was revolutionary, and she received other awards in her career; in 1993, President Bill Clinton gave her the National Medal of Science. Every major discovery in the Standard Model of particle physics, perhaps the crowning achievement of 20th-century physics, was awarded a Nobel, except one.

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