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It’s awesome.” It turns out that, despite being related to a WWE Superstar, his family were “giddy” to meet Catanzaro over the Christmas period.He recalls that his brother was incredibly “happy and excited” over meeting her as he “never met anyone famous before.” The reason being?However, she wants to eventually get to a point where she can trust men again and be able to date.You can listen to Jax share her emotional story below.Jax told Garcia, “I’ve only been in like one real relationship in my life, and it really sort of ended when I got this job … my mom saw it coming and she kept trying and trying to pull me away.” Garcia then asked Jax if she still feels scars from the relationship. the first time somebody puts their hands on you in a violent manner or hits you in the face and you have to deal with lying to your family about it, you know, my brothers, they might find out now.

You can listen to the episode on Podcast One, or on i Tunes.The wedding took place on September 28, 2009, at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. “When my contract was up, I was like, ‘Do I sign on for a new contract, or do I really want to take the time to be with my family and my new husband?It is her second marriage after getting divorced several years earlier. ’ And I just made that decision that it was time,” Garcia revealed in 2010 during an interview with , saying, “I decided to leave the company because I considered it a closed chapter in my life. In fact, during my absence, I kept watching WWE programs. 1 chapter closed lst wk, another started tonight.” Garcia attributed her decision to leave WWE so that she could spend more time with her husband and family.But the reason for my departure was that I was going to get married.

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