Who is larry fitzgerald dating 2016

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Who is larry fitzgerald dating 2016

It was quite disheartening for the footballer and in a bid to honor her, he carries his hair in dreads just like his mother did while she was alive and always moves around with her driving license. has stood by his son and had supported his career from his tender days.Even though it looked like his mother was his everything, he has a cordial relationship with his father, Larry Fitzgerald Sr. In his own days, he worked as a sports reporter for a very long time and also played football during his although he never went pro. acknowledges that he and his younger brother, Marcus Fitzgerald learned the mental aspect of football from their father.

He is one of the highest paid players with the team just like the likes of Chandler Jones, Patrick Peterson, Sam Bradford to mention a few.

His records are no surprise as he has prioritized the game and also had his foundations laid by his father who was a sports analyst.

Although the football champ is noted as one of the best players in the league, he has been involved in a few love scandals from having been involved in so many relationships and flings as well as fathering two children from two different women.

He and Angela –a former cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders –had an altercation back in 2008.

As a result, she filed an order of protection against him.

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They seem to be happy with what they share and their togetherness is blessed with a son named Apollo Fitzgerald.