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Indeed, on three separate occasions, they were running in first only to suffer a setback that dropped them a few placements.On Leg 11, they were in a 3 way tie for first, only for Krista to struggle so badly on the swimming Roadblock, putting them behind Justin & Diana.This allowed them to overcome an issue with 1 team dominating the entire season, and ended with a surprise finish for a team who was Out of Focus for pretty much the entire season.Overall this resulted in the race finishing on a better note than the previous one. They started off slow, with eighth and seventh place finishes in the first two legs, but quickly became a fixture in the top four.While the Green Team would incur a 55 minute penalty for taking illegal transportation, Tiffany & Krista would have issues with a cab getting them lost, forcing them to get out to find another one.This would ultimately save Justin & Diana as Tiffany & Krista would check in just after the penalty time, leaving them in 4th place.Apparently the producers were obviously taking notes regarding the difficulty of previous seasons and the ever-increasing presence of savvy teams and decided to hit them with even more challenges.

Engaged from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Justin is known for creating a fake Amazing Race proposal that went viral on You Tube.

This allowed them getting more camera time eventually becoming the Decoy Protagonist of the season to Justin & Diana.

Despite their consistently low placements and underdog status, they still got a very positive edit showing their determination and strength.

Despite Chris & Logan getting U-Turned, they were not able to recover and were subsequently eliminated in 5th place. They started out strong, finishing in first and second for the first four legs and becoming Justin and Diana's main rivals.

However, they got too overconfident and ended up taking their time on the later legs, allowing other teams to pass them.

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