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Who is hyun bin dating

He showed a positive view of romance in a previous interview and said “I want to fall in love with a woman and am also thinking about marriage”. His fans haven’t showed much response to his marriage but it may be disturbing for many of his fans if he announces his marriage to the public.Hyun Bin is a well-known name in the South Korean entertainment fraternity as he is an actor of South Korean nationality known for his roles in My Name is Kim Sam-soon and The World that They Live In.It was just a small role of stalker but since after he acted the role, a lot of questions have been raised from viewers such as “Who is the actor? Like this he drew much attention immediately after his debut.He became best known for his leading roles in the television series “My Name Is Kim Sam-soon” and “Secret Garden”.

Besides whenever she got asked about Hyun bin, she had a shy and cute smile on her face. Song Hye Kyo is the first to be reported as Hyun Bin’s girlfriend.However, the couple broke up for a reason unique to South Korea in 2011.It was conscription which is mandatory for Korean men.They met through the television drama Secret Garden in 2010.The drama has been shot for 109 days and the two got very close after spending time together all through the shoot.

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In 2011, he enlisted for his 21-months of mandatory military service in the Marine Corps, which is regarded as the hardest branch and was discharged in 2012.

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