Who are tegan and sara dating

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My mom felt I [deliberately] hadn’t told her; she was a therapist and open minded, and her response was [to be] kind of hurt that I didn’t tell her earlier about my lifestyle.

That famously progressive city—some would say the Portland of the Southeast—has nonetheless suffered because of the controversies and boycotts resulting from the state’s reprehensible HB2 bill, which dictates that men and women must use the restroom corresponding with their birth-certificate gender.

“Our girlfriends are very different,” Tegan laughs, “and we always dated very different people. ’ And I think Sara’s partner is wonderful—she’s a total babe and so smart and so ambitious and hilarious. No photos of us with you.’ It’s not that fun, honestly.

I lucked out; it’s a family joke that Sara came out first. My perspective was different because I thought everybody knew I was gay.

There was a collective, “OK you’re gay.” All the dramatic and intense feelings people think will happen when you’re preparing to come out just go away.

There’s an incredible sense of relief that feels so much less upsetting than those feelings of self-hate.

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So it was like, if we’re going to do a video for every song, we should try to collaborate with artists like Jess Rona, who has this insanely popular and hilarious dog-grooming Instagram, @Jess Rona Grooming, for [our song] ‘100x.’”.

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