White men dating black women oprah

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White men dating black women oprah

Stylists then delicately attach tracks of hair -- which can be simple extensions or full wigs -- to the braids.

"There's always this sort of pressure within the black community like, if you have good hair, you're prettier or better than the brown-skinned girl that wears the Afro or the dreads or the natural hairstyle," she says.

Oprah.com: Oprah's stylist reveals his hair secrets Rock found the biggest moneymaker in the hair business to be weaves.

Black women can spend six to eight hours getting their hair braided into tiny sections.

"That was disturbing." Rock discovered the hottest hair on the market is found in India, where human hair is the number two export behind software.

"This is some of the worst poverty in the world," he says.

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"I was with my daughter one day, and we're in the car and she's with one of her friends in the back seat, a little white friend," he says. What Rock discovered is a $9 billion industry that affects the daily activities, wallets, self-esteem -- and even the sex lives -- of black women.

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