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scandal at a suburban Philadelphia school district is broadening, with lawyers claiming the district secretly snapped thousands of webcam images of students using school-issued laptops without the pupils' knowledge or consent.Some of the images included pictures of youths at home, in bed or even "partially dressed," according to a Thursday filing in the case. Lessons are designed individually and tailored to each student.SKYPE lessons only as I am fully booked with home visits. About me - Bachelor of Music Education with stage and teaching experience. Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, State Music School of Poland with Piano as main instrument. Taking music early learning activities - for children lessons has never been easier!Federal prosecutors in Pennsylvania said they were investigating "possible criminal conduct" (.pdf) in the 6,900-student Lower Merion School District. The judge had ordered the evidence in the case – which include the district computers and thousands of pictures of high school children – sealed to protect the privacy of the students, temporarily frustrating federal law enforcement officials.Levy, in urging the judge to lift his order freezing evidence in the lawsuit, said the nondisclosure order "interfered with the government's obligation to investigate possible criminal conduct occurring within this district."It remains unclear whether under current law the secret and remote filming of anyone, even minors, is a federal crime.

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In their latest court filing, they claimed that district staff enjoyed spying on students, even once referring to it privately as a "soap opera".

The parents say they were alerted to the webcam snooping after a teacher at his school showed Blake a picture of him in his bedroom engaging in what she called "improper behaviour".

Pupils' online chats were also captured, as well as a record of the websites they visited.

When the story first broke in February, the district said the cameras were activated only handful of times when a laptop was reported stolen or missing – an assertion lawyers suing the district say is false."Discovery to date has now revealed that thousands of webcam pictures and screen shots (.pdf) have been taken from numerous other students in their homes, many of which never reported their laptops lost or missing," attorney Mark Haltzman wrote in a Thursday federal court filing.

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The move came a day after the 6,900-pupil district, which provides students from its two high schools free Mac Books, was sued in federal court on allegations it was undertaking a dragnet surveillance program targeting its students — an allegation the district has repeatedly denied. The family said their son was eating Mike and Ike candy.

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