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Viewvideo 2458 strip dating

Careful attention is show to Laney’s amazing ass, and her camel toe which shoes right through the blue leotard!Kali returns home after a long day and places her feet up on the table.There’s a board where dancers discuss specific clubs, a board where dancers discuss private party shows, and even a customer forum where customers can ask dancers questions.Survive the Club: A Stripper Blog From the masthead: This blog deals primarily with the common problems strippers face—how to deal with everything from pole dancing injuries to psycho customers to drama in the dressing room.

If you’re interested in how dancers view their job, the clubs they work in, and their customers, spend a little time at some of these sites.The dancers who respond to the newbie’s questions are so supportive that you can’t help but feel respect for their generosity and kindness.Here’s a typical thread in which a desperate would-be dancer asks advice on what to wear for her audition.These girls are not your typical pornstars that you see everywhere, they are your average everyday next door girls.You won't find these videos anywhere else, they are exclusive only to this site. If you like watching beautiful girls playing and losing strip games, you’ll love what we have to offer.

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There’s a Stripper Shoe of the Month section that’s amusing. I found this dancer’s businesslike attitude fascinating.

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