Vietnagirls no for sex chat kannada

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And the app is perfect for working girls because it works by scanning around your GPS location.

Easy for freelancers to find a guy 200 metres away who needs a ‘massage’ right now.

Zalo app is the same thing, the Vietnam version of Wechat / Line.

Worth a quick scan if you go to a disco or mall or somewhere with a bunch of people, you might meet someone interesting 100m from you.

And Thailand now has the Smooci app for escort girls which is getting bigger over time.

So all the pics on this page are ones that were offering sex massage, or pics that female pimp boss ent me – I asked to video call with a girl to prove it was her and she admitted it wasn’t her, then sent me a bunch of pics of her stable of ‘massage girls’.

but a bit more pricey than average, 1.5 million dong ().

So I was talking to this girl who you may recognise from earlier posts.

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That’s almost unheard of in Thailand, it’s usually just a cute freelancer who needs money and doesn’t have a boss, pimp or chaperone.

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