Vb net assembly version not updating Free amatuer hook up sites

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Vb net assembly version not updating

Having intelligible version numbers is one of the easiest ways for developers to keep track of their software in the wild.

However, having to maintain version numbers manually across multiple projects can be an annoying, error-prone process, especially if you’re trying to build and release often. I have a Visual Studio solution with multiple projects, that therefore generates multiple assemblies for my app.

NET or PHP, then you’ll have no problem with T4 text templates.

Basically, you can create a template file with some in-line blocks of C# that will get run when you build your project to generate your actual file. If you want to see a “real-world” example of how I pick version numbers check out What the Chordious version numbers mean.

So, instead of creating a straight Shared like we did before, now we create a Shared and write a little bit of code to handle generating new version numbers.

However, the project was missing a reference to to System. Sounds good so far, and of course you can always switch back to a manual version at any time.But there are a couple of caveats: The next option, one I used for years, is to simply hand over the responsibility of generating versions to the VS extension Automatic Versions. The issue is that it's only incrementing the revision in the Setup files.It doesn't seem to be updating the version number in the About Box (which is the generic, built-in, About Box template).

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I've referenced the dll file and I'm not sure what I'm missing.

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