Validating pentium 4 microprocessor

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The second card is power supply card with DC-DC converter with associated EMI filters working on an input of 28V DC.Caravel carried out the design of the board, layout in 6 layer PCB, Assembly, prototype board bring-up using the board bring-up routines developed.

Caravel transferred all the production documents to the customer for carrying out the production at their Contract Manufacturer’s facility.The developed platform should easy porting of LINUX operating system to prove that this processor can be used for workstation application Solution Caravel designed the motherboard using industry standard PC architecture using Northbridge (Motorola MPC107), Southbridge ( Winbond ), super I/O ( National ) and 4 PCI slots for inserting off-the-shelf VGA, SCSI and Ethernet cards to make it a standard workstation.Caravel developed BIOS for this processor and chipset on the lines of industry standard PC BIOS using cross platform tools available for this processor.Caravel also carried out the milgrade qualified mechanical enclosure design with D38999 circular connectors in aerospace grade aluminum.The manufactured system was put through various ESS tests such as Vibration, low and High temperature operation, shock tests etc to qualify the system to mil standards.

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Development of a Ruggedized Freescale Power QUICC MPC860 processor based Encoder / Decoder board Customer A leading Defense research Laboratory Business Challenge To develop and manufacture a Ruggedized qualified Encoder / Decoder subsystem board using Freescale MPC860: Power QUICC Integrated Communication processor Solution Caravel designed and built the prototype board based on MPC860 processor with 4 MB SRAM, 4 MB Flash and 10mbps Ethernet channel.

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