Validating metal detectors

Posted by / 11-Dec-2020 08:38

Validating metal detectors

Two important documents changed the course of the IRC’s CO detection mandates.First, technical data from a UL study supports the reliability and false alarm immunity of CO alarms.Yet, municipalities such as Chicago have had CO mandates for more than a decade.And state laws and local ordinances requiring CO alarms in residences and other dwellings have been enacted in hundreds of communities.It is important to note even though the 2009 edition of the IRC references single-station CO alarms, it should not prevent UL 2075-listed, system-connected CO detectors from being used.

The IRC committee also urged the industry to address the issues of reliability and false-positive indications.

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This method prevents the conductor from being wrapped around the terminal screw and requires the interruption of the wiring continuity when connection to the detector is lost.

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