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Updating wiikey firmware

Confirm everything is OK, then reboot and reject the disk. Soon after this happened to me, I started to find a lot of people with the same problem in forums around the net.To open up the console, the following tools are required: The Wiikey team had released some Wii Key firmware updates.The patches are cumulative, so you need only to install the last version available.

As of around January 07, 2013, the Wiikey Fusion website appears to have been taken down and official production stopped.

However, special patches have to be applied to gamecue-homebrew discs, including the Wii Key setup disc.

The Wiikey team has promised to release an updated version of the disc in the near future. For the moment there seems to be no problem updating to Nintendo's Wii firmware 4.2 (using the safe updater in case you use Homebrew apps/channels) if you have a Wiikey installed.

Like its current competitors, the Wii Key is installed onto the Wii's drive either by quicksolder or using six wires.

The chip can then be updated through the use of a Setup Disc which can be downloaded from the chip's website.

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Therefore, all compatibility issues are the same, and can be documented on one specific page. The Wii Key modifies the responses that the DVD Drive sends to the motherboard when verifying discs authenticity.

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