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Updating slax

But basically I just did dpkg -i followed by the deb filename. I haven't rebuilt the bundle yet for 9.9 so I can't swear that it still works. I installed gdebi-core without a problem, but the *package I was after didn't go in.

Found a work-around by adding an alternative library (debian-multimedia) All good! Zadal jsem v xterm: apt wine Po stazeni 13 souboru to napise chybu: E: invalid operation wine.

Ahoj Tome, stále se v Linuxu potýkám při tvoření bootovací flešky s chybou: Error installing boot loader Nevíš, podařilo se to už někomu vyřešit? All the keys to save our poor planet..maybe the brain of this tenants...

More discussions: https:// https://github.com/prism-break/prism-break/issues/169 This page also gives an idea on what was there on Chromium and what Iridium disabled: https://github.com/iridium-browser/tracker/wiki/Differences-between-Iridium-and-Chromium Iridium has Google safe browsing turned on by default, but it does not directly tell Google which pages I am browsing.

It gets the website list in cache then uses it ( https://github.com/iridium-browser/tracker/issues/131#issuecomment-394428596 ). It seems there are many features which we take for granted that try to spy on what we do online.

Only 64bit version was affected and changed during these version bumps.

Thomas, I just got your email informing me of the latest release.

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