Updating hosts with lotus notes

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Updating hosts with lotus notes

It's a little confusing, though, because in the next sentence he states: "security Ploycies not give me chance to play around with server such scripts".It sounds to me like he has access to Domino but not the physical server itself.is used to update and control client preferences for the deployed user base.Adding community configuration settings (such as host, login At Startup, and login At Startup) to the file will not have any impact.A: The managed community settings is for community server type settings such as the Sametime server name. Examples of both are shown later in the slide presentation, available here: uid=swg27027054 is used to update and manage community configuration settings (such as host name) for the deployed user base. you are interested in using your Domino server, here's an example of a simple Lotus Script agent that will send a text email with a file attachment: one benefit I see to using blat or tool outside of notes is that you can call the e-mail command from the same batch file that creates the document (after it is created of course) and thereby can tie the two together.

Now i want this file after creation ..say am to send me on my gmail account or any other .I have a lotus notes Domino 6.5 and I am Administrator on this server .two possible options are comming to my mind one is that i create a script in a lotus notes server/ client to attach this Excel file automatically and send it to some address (possibly not likely to go for ) Because security Ploycies not give me chance to play around with server such scripts other option is this if i have a VBA code , i just go to excel and paste that code and enter the information like SMTP , mail address to be used and receivers address and all that informations , but for this i hope that there should be a client configured on this server , which are to read that . need help on it You can use CDO to send email on any Windows machine running Windows 2000 or higher.In addition, if he does not have access to the domino server to test the code as he stated then it will be a little harder to iron out the process.brwwiggins Blat may be the answer, but he does have access to the Domino server: "I have a lotus notes Domino 6.5 and I am Administrator on this server.".

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