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If your goal is to experience the life and culture of the places you visit, you’re already one of us—and you’ll find yourself in the congenial company of others who look at the world like you do. We only pass along the extra cost hotels charge us, instead of marking it up to make extra profit from you.Our first priority is to be sure you never feel like the fifth wheel. Our friendly and well-connected local guides are with you full time to watch out for everyone’s needs and interests, whether you are a single traveler or traveling with someone.That’s the beauty of travel dating websites — it takes no time at all to connect with fellow globetrotters.Not only are the ones on the list below the cream of the crop, but they’re also completely free.Singles Travel International: Creating life-changing singles travel experiences and unique opportunities to meet the world…together!!! The day I saw there was a cruise without a single supplement was when I signed up. STI was fantastic from the office staff to our cruise hostesses June and Georgia.I look forward to traveling with STI again in the future!

On average, about a third of our guests are single or solo travelers. Once you find the perfect trip, you’ve learned that if you are a single traveler you can’t get emotionally involved until you check out the single supplement. To encourage solo and single travel, tours from Classic Journeys have the lowest single supplements you’re likely to find anywhere.

If you like to travel on your own and want to plan an independent arrangement, we are experts in designing privatized itineraries.

Goway has a large selection of tours and vacation packages which will see you travelling with like-minded people who share your passion for travel.

We met through the Miss Travel app and were lucky enough to see our story develop way beyond the first dinner (which Jade still thinks was not a date, but it totally was).

After traveling to Paris, Madrid, London and Chile together, we still maintain contact despite the thousands of miles which stand between us and both aspire to write the second chapter of our story.

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They also provide for the active and adventurous and for the person who just wants a relaxing and not too strenuous a trip.

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