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Education and providing mental health resources to athletes is imperative in preventing and treating depression.

Familiarizing coaches, athletes and athletic staff with symptoms of depression will help identify athletes struggling with the mental health condition.

After the particular event, an athlete may lose his sense of purpose and have a hard time reintegrating into a routine that does not focus solely on the sport.

An athlete may experience depression if he is unprepared for the transition.

I was once told as a high performance athlete bringing your private problems to work is not an option.

We knew this may not be perfected in 2014 or 2015, but it would be in time for 2016 Rio Olympics. You have to be obsessed by the idea of being the best in history.Individual and personal sports create a high pressure environment that focuses on winning and achieving progress.Setbacks, whether because of a loss or an injury, may challenge an athlete's esteem and feelings of self worth and contribute to the development of depression.Many athletes spend years preparing for a narrow window of opportunity--a college career, the Olympics or professional sports limited to certain ages.Intense preparation, daily practice and adjusting life to meet the sport's needs may dominate an athlete's life.

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Identification and treatment of depression in athletes helps relieve symptoms and decrease the depression.