The box constantly updating

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The box constantly updating

Have you tried to check if there was an SD card on the unit during the firmware update?If yes, did you try to remove the SD card and re-upgrade the firmware again? https://com/mavic-2/info#downloads Hi, we're sorry for the late response.I then thought I would try DJI Assistant, so I downloaded the very latest DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic.After installing the program I attempted to connect the controller to my laptop, but the program would not recognise the controller, after about an hour of trying, success!! I then selected the latest firmware version to download, which began, after reaching 100% the update began but failed almost immediately and displayed update failed, I looked at the error log and it revealed that the upload had failed.thought I would check the drone for updates, no luck no connection went back to the laptop and success!

We'll keep you posted as soon as we receive the feedback from our team. Hi, we're sorry for the inconvenience that it caused.

It seem to stuck at 16 % upgrading at first, but went through. PS: I am certain a DJI rep could have figured out the same by grabbing a Smart Controller and a computer, providing us with an answer.

(Download and transfer steps went smoothly) During the update 3 or 4 pop up windows on the Android system of the controller had opened. The final system reboot into upgrader mode closed them all. I wish that the next update will go the desired way, using the app. PPS: I once have been reminded, why I do not use Android phones Finally Success, Tried many times with all sorts of changes - was using a laptop with windows 10, gave it one last shot on a windows desktop running windows 7 and it worked!

Just took delivery of my new Smart Controller (about 2 hrs ago). Hi, we're sorry to know about the problem that you've encountered during the firmware upgrade.

Connected to my wifi no problem and was alerted to new firmware update for the controller. I would like to ask what was the firmware version that you've managed to download?

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Thanks for the notes, I was able to use assistant 2 and update to 0400. When I used an adapter on my Mac (Female USB-A to Male USBC) and the corresponding cable, Assistant saw the controller and upgrade worked.