Teacher dating 18 year old student karina and dating

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Teacher dating 18 year old student

From a bureaucratic perspective perspective so long as the teacher does not have ANY managerial authority over the student there is no problem.

From a social perspective it is no body's business except for the people involved.

Everyone was well aware they were dating, even the administrators, director of schools and school board.

The other teacher was actually the girls basketball coach and he married one of his players less than six months after her graduation. And since she or he is a senior about to graduate then it shouldnt be a problem.. People will say its bad because the words "High school student" are in it and it makes it seem like they are a child..

They did not date until after the fellow had graduated from HS, and then it seems, no one really cared or objected.

They were quite a topic of discussion, however, in that awful teachers' lounge!

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First, let me state that I agree the teacher/student dating situation is somewhat unprofessional and could be a dangerous career move should the relationship go sour.

That being said, I know two male high school teachers who not only dated their students, but married them.

They went on to date for a number of years, and had a close, good relationship.

You figure there isn't that much age difference -- right out of college put her at about 22, and he was 18, and one of the best students in the HS.

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Given the memories I am darn glad I did not follow all the restrictions my parents and other well meaning adults were trying to put me under.

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