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Exotic animals and other products from sub-Saharan Africa were exported by the Kushites to the Mediterranean world.A frescos in a Minoan palace in Thera (Greece), depicts antelopes.Egyptian relieves dating to the Old Kingdom show Kushites presenting Egyptian pharaohs with gold, ivory, ebony, ostrich feathers, doam (palm fruits), and exotic products, and animals like giraffes.

New Kingdom Egyptian paintings and relieves depict Kushites presenting gold as tribute to the Egyptian pharaohs.Wiring in the first century CE, Diodorus writes that in Meroe, "there are mines of gold, silver, iron and brass, besides abundance of ebony and all sorts of precious stones.”(Diodorus i. It has been recorded in ancient sources that the Kushite pharaohs never applied the death sentence; convicts in Kush were rather sent to work in gold mines.In the Meroitic period, the Ptolemies and later the Romans have heavily excavated the Nubian Desert for gold.Elephant tusks were important to the economy of Kush.Thus, it is arguable that Kush was the primary exporter of ivory in the ancient world.

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