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Two other employees voluntarily resigned from their positions.Although such policies aren’t officially supported by the CDC, they’ve been touted as the best way to keep hospital patients who are already in poor health from becoming more ill, and several hospitals have reported positive results since implementing them.Recent info from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that only about 64% of all healthcare staffers are vaccinated against the flu. And in 2011, 29 of them terminated staff for refusing to get a flu shot, as reported in .In one highly publicized case last winter, detailed in an article from UPI, six employees were fired from Goshen Hospital in Goshen, IN, after refusing to receive flu shots.Flu season is just around the corner, and preventing outbreaks in the healthcare setting is of utmost importance to hospitals.

This could be essential in getting some employees to comply who may object because of time constraints.

Does your hospital have a policy in place for flu vaccinations for employees?

While we continue to enjoy warm September weather, flu season (typically lasting from October through May) will soon be here.

One healthcare system in Florida has taken an even more forceful approach, according to an article in .

Employees of Health First in Brevard County, FL, who don’t receive a flu shot and haven’t submitted valid proof of a medical or religious exemption won’t be put on the work schedule after Dec. Policies like this go a long way in improving vaccination rates among healthcare employees. have a policy requiring employees to be vaccinated against the flu, according to a survey conducted by the CDC.

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An Med had a medical exemption for the vaccine in place, but Crowe didn’t meet the guidelines, so she was terminated and lost all access to unemployment benefits. While initially, a state claims adjuster agreed that she was fired for cause, upon appeal, the court sided with Crowe.