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* Hold down the Shift key in Sporepedia to select a range of creations for deleting or banning. Graphics/Aesthetics * Fix for game entry screen turning black when banning a creature in a Saved game. * Space phase: Fixed graphic issue with water levels not updating properly with terraform tools so that visible water and atmosphere levels will now correspond in the Atmosphere monitor.* Fixed problems introduced via atmospheric and drought terraforming tools. * Improved gaits for creatures with 2 limbs, but without any feet.A Sporecast is a collection of a person or group's creations which have been gathered together, usually by a specific theme, and made available for other players to subscribe to. If the arrow next to Sporecasts is pointing to the side, you'll need to click on Sporecasts to display Sporecast related functions. The Make Sporecast dialog box will appear in the foreground of your window.Players can instruct Spore to download content based exclusively or primarily on a Sporecast or set of Sporecasts. Wait a moment or two for all items to load in the blue left-hand column. Once you have done that, or if the arrow is pointing down already, you should see the following: 5. Give your Sporecast a name and, optionally, a description and click Add to continue.

* Tribe phase: Tuned Normal difficulty mode to make social game easier.In the left-hand navigation bar, click "MAKE SPORECAST". Select the type of creation from the Type drop-down. The game will normally respond "Unable to connect to Spore server." If it does manage to work, however, proceed to step 4. To browse the displayed creations, click the Next and Previous buttons. To add a creation to your Sporecast, click "ADD TO SPORECAST". You should add a Description to help users find it. The background of the button will change to a dark blue when hovered over.This only works if you do not have "Buddy Content Only" enabled. The creation is added to the Sporecast gallery at the bottom of the screen. To remove a creation from your Sporecast, click it in the gallery. Release the mouse button to drop the creation into your Sporecast.* Space phase: Fixed timing bug using Planet Buster during Grox invasion. * Space phase: Fixed crash when zooming out to full galactic view from the center of the galaxy.* Fixed for game entry screen staying zoomed in after deleting a game and entering/exiting Sporepedia. City Hall will now update to correct version if player has chosen a new City Hall during the transition from Civilization phase to Space phase. Vehicles chosen in the Colony planner will now update without requiring the player to leave and re-enter a planet's atmosphere.

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The patch is available now by launching the EA Download Manager or as a direct download from

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