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Speed dating activities in the classroom

I had no concrete plan, but once my desks were rearranged, I had no choice but to sit down and actually map this madness out.I had taken the time to rearrange my entire room, so I couldn’t chicken out now.

Learning your students’ names is important to create a positive classroom climate.I created a student worksheet that required tracking of the appeals and devices, and then I worked out the logistics of the timing and rotations for the mini-debates.Then, I made a “Welcome to Speed Debating” sign that I could display on my projector as my students walked in.You can also download the guide Not Quite 101 Ways to Learn Students’ Names from the University of Virginia’s CTE website.The use of mobile devices in the classroom, particularly smartphones, has become an issue faced by all faculty.

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All I really had was “speed dating” and a new seating arrangement.

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