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In CALENDAR tab you can change your availability for particular slots. You can always go back to messages history, placed below "SEND" button. who you have invited/you have been invited by (pending invitations) 2.who have sheduled meeting with/you have scheduled meeting with (confirmed invitations) 3.Experience low-stakes “friend-dating” under the guidance of Speed Dating staff. Join us for our workshops on Saturday and Sunday, – am. Rotate between conversations with other singles while the Speed Dating staff coordinate your mutual matches! Please see the Registration section below for sign up information!Speed Dating sessions are only offered for attendees 18 years and older. Speed Dating registration will open Friday at midnight for Saturday sessions, and Saturday at midnight for Sunday sessions. Participants will be selected via lottery and receive email confirmation if they are selected.After clicking Accept button you will go to calendar to choose a time slot - by clicking button Set up a meeting.After choosing suitable slot, always click CONFIRM button, to send back meeting details to person who has invited you for a meeting. When the meeting is sucessfully set up both interlocutors will see it in their calendars.Startups can also upload their pitch decks so investors and business representatives have more data for analysis. Speed Dating tool is available here after logging into your Infoshare account.

After sending an invitation you need to wait until invited person will Accept or Decline your invitation. Person who is invited, will choose the timeslot according to Your availability.

It will be visible to investors and exeuctive pass holders ONLY (other startups can not see them). Pitch deck details should convince them that it is worth to to schedule a meeting.

Having pitch deck in speed dating tool, startups will increase chances to schedule more valuable meetings. If you are investor or executive pass holder, click pitch deck icon to see the file.

To make your profile complete and update it if needed.

Thanks to it you increase your chances for more really good meetings.

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If you would like to receive notifications (except private messages) during conference by SMS, mark checkbox I want receive sms messages in your profile. To turn on this function, match second box and put your cell phone number.

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