Sophmore girl dating senior accommodating diabetes in the workplace

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Sophmore girl dating senior

But there's another category of student that doesn't fit those labels: People who aren't done with college after their senior year.

Enter the term "super senior." Perhaps because it's becoming increasingly common for students to take 5 (or more) years to finish college, the term "super senior" is becoming increasingly common as well.

The term "super senior" refers to a student who attends a four-year institution (either high school or college) for more than four years.

Such students are sometimes called fifth-year seniors, as well.

You could spend hours in class daydreaming & doodling hearts, and not having to worry about where you’ll end up at the end of the semester.

You didn’t have to add the pressure of graduate school, job applications, and the possibilities of moving to another state to your list of topics with your significant other.

It was that time when you could easily switch majors (I switched mine about three times,) and during your underclassmen days you could put your emotions on the line & give love a shot.

Calling someone who is double majoring in chemistry and biology and then planning on going to medical school a "super senior" merely acknowledges they are in their fifth year.

We spent almost every single day together, and in the midst of our time together, I came to a few conclusions regarding dating in your last year of college.

Yes, you may meet someone and be madly intrigued by them, but you also have to take into account what is going to happen after college ends.

If you truly love someone and have been with them for some time, then I can see how it would be slightly unrealistic to just break up and move on with your life.

But if you happen to be in your senior year & single with no attachment, then word to the wise, consider whether you seriously want to embark on something serious.

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As a senior in college anxious to finally graduate in summer with my B. in English, I’ve realized that it’s difficult trying to balance my grades, graduate school apps, job applications, and the possibility of starting a relationship.

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