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Smurfy women

When she returned, she was introduced as the Smurfette everyone knows; sporting blonde hair, heels, and a frilly dress.Though she wants to be a good person and fit in with the rest of the people in Smurf Village, she doesnt quite know how to adjust and be seen as normal; this is made worse when she recieves a final call from gargamel on her compact, who uses the fact that she was ( at this point in time, literally) 'born yesterday' to set up a trap for the smurfs.Gargamel created her to infiltrate the Smurf Village and create discourse amongst the other smurfs so they would destroy themselves.He released Smurfette into the forest, where she was found by Hefty Smurf and taken to the village.

When she does, she immediatly realizes the mistake shes made, and promptly dons a disguise after some thought; claiming she is 'the lone smurf', she runs Gargamel amock until defeating him.

A new comic book, released in French on April 2, 2010, La Grande Schtroumpfette (translated as The Great Smurfette, Grand Schtroumpf being Papa Smurf's French name), however, depict her as tired of all the sexism she suffers of.

To help her be respected among Smurfs, Papa Smurf leaves the village for a trip and gives Smurfette his authority in the meantime.

She is therefore treated very differently in the village until her change.

Another example of Smurfettes receiving different treatment than 'normal Smurfs' occurred when Nanny invited all the Smurfs to a picnic, but they claimed they were "too busy" to go, despite Papa Smurf having previously mentioned that Smurfs do everything for each other.

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