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Smouch dating

it says here that the business isnt replying to its reviews. i found 3 replies all had the exact same wording not missing a character or space, saying it was so great and customer service is so great.the only difference was that a different profile image and info was different for each copy of that review.

wont even let you see pictures of anyone who views you for a test. eharmony makes you sit for 45 minutes filling out a stupid questionnaire for free registration and to try but then after the 45 minutes of questionnaire you cant go any farther unless you pick a minimum of a 120 dollar sign up package. if you look at the main and sign up pages you can see the exact same "find your match" button and "safety secured" badges.....which means nothing anyhow. There are parts of their site does not load properly.

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Obviously its the smooch ":team" posing as general reviewers.

well guess what that backfired for those ding dongs because now i dont trust them at all for snake moves like that.

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