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Simulate radiocarbon dating

There is no universal solution or consensus; the heuristic of 200 years suggested by ) as a natural limit to the present resolution of radiocarbon data trends is sufficient for long-term research in prehistoric archaeology, but unlikely to be sufficient for protohistoric work, for example, where changes of less than 100 years are typically of interest.

A common thread among many recent studies contributing to this has been the development of bespoke software for summarizing and synthesizing data, identifying significant patterns therein.In this paper, I hope to contribute to this emergent and creative milieu of some universally applicable tools for calibrating radiocarbon dates, examining trends in the data, and mapping out patterns in space and time.Some of the techniques are new, whereas others have been pioneered elsewhere and reviewed here.The choice of smoothing bandwidth is important—if it is too narrow, then spurious wiggles caused by the calibration curve (or rather, the C history of the Earth) will be present; too wide, and the KDE will fail to respond to patterns of interest in the data.The factors determining the choice of kernel bandwidth are, in essence, similar to the measures taken to mitigate the risk of type I and type II errors in research design: both false positives and false negatives should be avoided if possible, but sometimes a study must run the risk of making one type of error to lower the chance of making a more serious error of the other kind.

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