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Mary is showering in a closed-door bathroom, where she feels she has a reasonable expectation of privacy.As we’ve seen with current events like politician Anthony Weiner’s recent sentencing for illicit contact with a minor, sexting isn’t just innocent fun.When done in the wrong circumstances, it can land you in hot water.Barky, 25, lost soul, left home two years ago to escape his abusive father leaving behind everything in the world that was important to him; now that his father's dead, he thinks it's safe to come home. His engaged, tomboyish, crop duster best friend's name, Ruby Vale, is unasked used as author. When their cell phones are accidentally swapped, Jonathan answers Wyatt's phone to a series of women asking if he's free tonight. If you don't get at least one of the major plot twists then, frankly, you really should give up watching movies. I said 'mostly rubbish', so some of it must have been good. I did like the film's chilly, European ambiance.Jonathan discovers it's a sex club: busy powerful people meet each other anonymously in hotels. I liked the idea of powerful people, too isolated and too busy to develop human relationships.

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When Ewan Mc Gregor's character goes to work on the day he has to transfer the money he goes into the subway station clearly marked "1" line, when he is standing on the platform with Hugh Jackman's character as the train doors open the P. says "next stop Park Place" - the station "Park Place" is not served by the "1" line, nor is it anywhere near the station he gets on at. There is plenty of space in this world for a good, sexualised thriller (see the original "Basic Instinct"), but sadly "Deception" was nothing like a good sexualised thriller.

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