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In general, dating games are rather boring to a guy who’s probably had his fair share.

You can stop worrying about who should text first and getting anxious when he doesn’t text back immediately.

Older men are often more chivalrous and ‘old school’ about dating.

They love romance and things like kisses, hugs and candle lit dinners will be a constant in your life.

; Don't you think that men are the reason this continues to exist?

As a woman becomes more confident in her career aspirations, she looks for a partner who will match her aspirations which, more often than not, is not her age mate, a 25-year-old hustling guy.Her parents didn't know whether she was still alive.She had been trafficked for sex in Istanbul, but a client helped her escape.Yes, there are moments when you want to run out of the house; there are times when you want to jump in front of a car.Because of one wrong move, you suffer the rest of your life," said Vika, who was trafficked to Dubai when she was 19 - Moldova, 2004 [Mimi Chakarova] It took time to find women who had survived.

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Before my trips, my mum used to ask: "It took us so many years to get out of poverty, why do you keep returning there?