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He presents himself as a "very compassionate, nice guy," but when the women want to leave, he intimidates them.He calls himself a personal trainer on his Facebook page, but police that's not true.Former President Bill Clinton denied knowing anything about the “terrible crimes” allegedly committed by billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein.In a statement released Monday, Clinton said he took four trips with Epstein in 20: one to Europe, one to Asia and two to Africa though court documents show he and Secret Service took Epstein’s plane “The Lolita Express” 26 times. “I didn’t have sex with any underage sex slaves on Mr.Most victims are in their 20s but their backgrounds vary, police said.The first victim to come forward dialed 911 after a 24-hour stay in the hotel room."There are some priests and also bishops who have done it," the pontiff said in response to a journalist's question on the abuse of nuns, speaking on the return flight from his trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Francis's comments followed a rare outcry last week from the Vatican's women's magazine, "Women Church World", over the rape of nuns.

Morganelli said Mull presents the victims with sex slave contracts and refers to them as his "property." He forces them to take cocaine and methamphetamine so they become addicted and rely on him for drugs."He forces them to take part in orgies and other acts which he films, and/or forces his victims into prostitution," Morganelli said.

Morganelli said it's time to rid society of predators such as Mull.

It said the victims felt forced to have abortions or raise children not recognised by their priest fathers.

"Many complaints have been filed with the Vatican and have not been followed up," said Scaraffia, who raised the issue in the February issue of "Women Church World", a supplement distributed with the Vatican's Osservatore Romano newspaper.

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She admitted there was "great resistance" to investigating abuse claims within the church and uncovering predator priests.

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