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After weeks of easy hookups the police have taken a sudden interest in the place and there is regularly a conspicuously placed police car or plain clothes car present. I had only been out of my car five minutes and I had my mouth stuffed full by some stranger who'd...

Well, it's not like we don't already have it driven into our heads that sex is bad here in the deep, down, dirty South? There's some cruising at the top of the stairway beside the elevators.Police officers will even stop and park in the middle of the street for long periods of t...An aggressive cop patrols like clockwork now and the regulars are all gone and the new guys scare cared of arrests.Sometimes I stop by on my way home from work or on my lunch break and rub one out.There's usually at least someone there doing the same or looking for more. This place has been known for cruising but it has all but stopped due to the arrogance of some of they assholes cruising.

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Tonight at midnight your true like will realize they miss you.\n\n Something good will happen to you between pm and pm tomorrow, it could be anywhere.

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