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Rowupdating checkbox

before that i want just using Find control and casting and then retrieving all lot code. If values are same they could notify user to change the value(give new cell value). Every one can use it to compare the new value with old ones. Get String("Grid View_Unhandled Even t", new object[] { this. When I click the Edit button the checkbox becomes active and is checked depending on whether the data has a 0 or a 1. New Values[] seems to work for other edittemplate fields ok. New Values["webname"] = "randomvalue"; I think I want to be able to do this... @masterpass - The Toggle method works fine in checking or unchecking the Edit Template checkbox. Maybe it will help: It's actually fairly easy to get the info you want once you know the trick. Data Bind(); To populate the New Values collection, put the following code in the Row Updating event: Grid View gv = (Grid View)sender; for (int i = 0; i Thanks 13598, I don't quite understand what you code is does but I found a work around myself. One is a hidden field that containes 0 or 1 depending on the data and the other is a checkbox that we can also set depending on 0 or 1.To cancel the update operation, set the collections, if necessary, before the values are passed to the data source.

event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but before the Grid View control updates the row.

fid=1037 This links tells me that oncheckboxchecked event doesnt work too bc the the row of the checkbox that was checked, cannot be found...

A friend asked me to help him out on this and frankly it has me completely stumped as well.

Figure 2: The User's Role Information Can Be Stored in a Cookie to Improve Performance (Click to view full-size image) By default, the role cache cookie mechanism is disabled.

The likelihood of this happening increases if the cookie is persisted on the user's browser.

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the good old problem of getting the data from the row that is being currently edited within a Grid View. Accessing the "Controls": This method gets you access to the control in the Grid View, which might be useful based on what you are doing.

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