Regular expression for validating name in javascript

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Regular expression for validating name in javascript

The \w metacharacter includes characters programming languages customarily allow in identifiers (letters, digits and underscore).The i flag at the end of the expression makes the pattern case insensitive.Instead, checking the validity of data entered usually means testing if the data fits a specific pattern.Regular expressions are designed to find patterns in strings.Data validation is where regular expressions become a Web application developer's friend.

Note: all three functions use the beginning of string character, ^, and the end of string character, $.The last function tests for a valid CSS class name.The pattern rules are different for a CSS class name than a variable name.Perhaps as a test that a comment or help request has meaningful information.The basic word unit in regular expressions is a letter, digit, or underscore (the \w metacharacter) surrounded by space characters, or the beginning or end of the string. The next is more rigorous because it counts multi-lettered words only.

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This forces the complete string to match the pattern and not just a part of the string as was the case above; thus, restricting the string to the exact length.

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