Regular expression for validating name

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Regular expression for validating name

NSMutable Attributed String // 2 let attributed Text Range = NSMake Range(0, attributed Text.length) attributed Text.remove Attribute( NSAttributed String.Key.background Color, range: attributed Text Range) // 3 if let search Options = Options, let regex = try?In this case, you’re using the the entire string, which will result in the regular expression being applied to all of your text.The real magic happens in the call to // 1 let attributed Text = text View.attributed Text.mutable Copy() as!This, in itself, isn’t too hard, but it’s having to do the extra step.

Actually not the regular expression itself, but the regular expression property was obviously being set, and validating the incoming value using a regular expression.Take a look at the and calculates the range of the entire string.It’s possible to apply a regular expression to just a part of your text, which is why you need to specify the range.There’s lots of planning to do and you, as the minion, are part of these plans — your part being to build the app for the other plans!The UI for the app is mostly complete, but the core functionality of the app relies on regular expressions, which it doesn’t have… Your job in this tutorial is to add the required regular expressions into this app to make it shine (and hopefully avoid being thrown into a vat of molten hot magma).

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The benchmark we built was this one: Based on these result, our custom validation logic was added into production code and proved much, much faster!