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* The truth is, ghosts only become ghosts when one has completely acknowledged their existence, for they demand the presence of their absence to be felt.

So they linger, making sure you acknowledge that they’re real and everything you’ve experienced happened.

Nakaposte sa Instagram wall ni Claudine ang ilang mga photos nila nang anak kasama si Raymart na kuha sa school nito.

So he went out and left, not making any contact with his host, when just a few hours ago not even air could seep through us, conjoined, before the sun rose. He was back to borrow a thousand bucks because his whoopty got toed.

Well, in a sense, there would be a package coming, and perhaps one that would also just deliver and go, as such packages normally do. I unlocked my phone hoping for some mindless banter seconds after I heard a lady screaming downstairs, probably from a nearby bar – ah, a character. I decided to try the dating app everyone was too hot about at the time, and after just minutes of lurking around, I came across countless lefts before one interesting right. ” Sounds exciting and alarming at the same time, so with all the panic and anxiety in my body, I responded with a “Now?? Notifications kept ringing with “Hey, I’m brushing my teeth! I honestly still couldn’t believe everything that happened just a few hours ago.

The ones that make up plans so they can reappear repeatedly despite your suspicion that nothing won’t ever materialize. Strained by days of counting white cars that pass by the street below while midget-and-whore-watching for material, I stole a quick sanity break. No matter how transactional we know it is, we always find the loophole of mornings.

Claudine Barretto says that she and estranged husband Raymart Santiago are now good friends for the sake of their two children.

Photo by Rob Reyes/Rappler MANILA, Philippines – Actress Claudine Barretto said that her relationship with ex-husband Raymart Santiago is now better, after making amends with each other last year.

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