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Queued updating

Replication detects any conflicts when changes are synchronized with the Publisher and resolves those conflicts using the resolution policy you selected when creating the publication.

Goes strong for about 1 minute then reduces to nothing, and my disk activity eventually drops to nothing too, so I know it's not writing stuff to my disk. I've tried changing download region, restarting steam, my computer, and flushing the steam cache. Super annoying that I can't cancel updates like this and just play my game!Set my download to LAN Event - Europe and got my download complete, dunno if its just a coincidence.The natural reaction probably is to close and reopen the Store or to reboot your computer when that doesn't work.But if you are like most people who have experienced this issue, you are still stuck with the problem.

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One major reason is because we don't want to discourage folks from posting legitimate suggestions / reports / questions with fear of being mass downvoted (which has been happening a LOT).

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