Prison dating women

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s also an area where many volunteers find themselves in uncharted waters.Ex-prisoners must navigate a myriad of new choices and they need a strong friend to help them along the journey.In December, Strawberry Hampton – who is incarcerated under the name Deon Hampton – was moved to Logan following a similar lawsuit also brought by the Mac Arthur Justice Center and the Uptown People’s Law Center.Despite the success of their recent lawsuits, Monroe’s attorneys believe there are many more transgender inmates who need protection.For example, instead of making the effort to find new friends at church or work, the newly-released prisoner may reconnect with the same people he used to hang out with.Once with the old friends again, your mentee will be tempted to return to old, destructive patterns.The move comes just over a month after she and attorneys from the Mac Arthur Justice Center and the Uptown People’s Law Center filed a lawsuit pushing for the transfer.

In prison, inmates are rarely alone, so many prisoners highly value solitude.Ex-prisoners should be encouraged to find community within local churches, addiction recovery groups, and healthy family relationships.These bonds will steer them away from isolation and propel them toward healing and accountability.Illinois Department of Corrections officials this week approved the transfer of a transgender inmate from an all-male prison to a women’s prison after she repeatedly claimed she’d been the victim of sexual harassment and abuse.Janiah Monroe, 29, was moved Monday from the Pontiac Correctional Center in Livingston County to the Logan Correctional Center, a facility located about 30 miles northeast of Springfield.

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“Even though (Monroe) is only 29 years old, she wonders how long she will stay alive in prison, and she thinks often of ending her life,” her attorneys wrote in their lawsuit prior to the transfer.