Plans for accomodating special needs

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The emphasis will be on introducing the consequences for teaching and learning and making effective contact with them.Design and development of learning material: we use the term “universal design” to emphasize the inclusive design of instruction to make it meaningful and useful for all students.We will consider how they affect the learning process and the relationships with peers and teachers.Once the students’ underlying and invisible experiencing is better understood, their possible strong emotional and behavioural reactions to situations can also be seen and experienced by the teachers and caregivers in a different way, thus making the adults and even schoolmates more successful in their prevention and coping strategies.We will explore the participants’ views, experiences, and needs with regard to teaching students displaying these problems.Throughout these 3 days, we will consider strengths and weaknesses of special needs students and teachers themselves in their interactions with them.Starting as a programme facilitator at 17, she went on to head an NGO and between 20 designed and ran therapeutic summer programmes for children and families, a family weekend, many facilitator trainings, and a few programmes at schools.For 3 years (2004–2007) she was assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Social Work in Ljubljana.

Teachers’ professional and personal growth, the availability of support for it, and the motivation for it, might be the most important factor in dealing with these challenges in classrooms.Working either individually or in group, she tries to provide appropriate integration for these children in terms of social, educational, emotional and physical development.Important part of her school work are also workshops “How to Learn”, designed for all 5th grade children, and participation in the project Child Abuse Prevention – for all children.Special needs is an umbrella term for a staggering array of diagnoses: physical (e.g.muscular dystrophy, chronic asthma, epilepsy), developmental (e.g.

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