Optical dating sediments

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Optical dating sediments

The electrons that have been excited to the conduction band may become entrapped in the electron or hole traps.

The ionizing radiation produces electron-hole pairs: Electrons are in the conduction band and holes in the valence band.

For beta particles with energies from 150 ke V to in excess of 10 Me V, dose measurement ranges from 10 mrem to 1000 rem.

Neutron radiation with energies of 40 ke V to greater than 35 Me V has a dose measurement range from 20 mrem to 25 rem.

In diagnostic imaging the increased sensitivity of the OSL dosimeter makes it ideal for monitoring employees working in low-radiation environments and for pregnant workers.

To carry out OSL dating, mineral grains have to be extracted from the sample.

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The OSL ages have large standard errors mainly due to small sample sizes, relatively poor luminescence characteristics and uncertainties in dose-rate determinations.

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