Online dating site in ghana

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One of them, I became involved with in chat through yahoo messenger.

We chatted about 3–4 weeks everyday and I became fond of this person.

The first time she invited me to the phone call for video chat, a video recording popped up with no sound the the dark image had her lips moving. we were type chatting and then I asked her to start up the video chat again, this time a foreign accented voice was the actual person chatting with me and the same video recording that I saw before came back on, which was totally out of sink with what she was saying.

I went back to Truly Asian and reported the scammer to the fake profile to the website.I went through a few websites and was continuously fighting off the scammer fake profiles seeking to get me to a neutral chatting environment, where they wanted my cell phone number.Do not ever let someone have your cell phone account…financial records can be accessed through cell phone text confirmations codes.A few days ago, I was directed by a girl to go to a different dating website to video chat with her. The site is full of scammer profiles with many very unattractive Asian women who probably are legitimate and desperate.The attractive women are never on there, or they are fake and seeking to go into Whatzapp with you, where they can then have access to you cell phone number.

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She sent me photos to defend her case that she was real.