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This time the patient is the only doctor at a remote Antarctic research station.

On top of the weekly treasure hunt for a diagnosis, this episode has House actually caring enough about a patient to talk to them.

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Then the blades of the rogue turbine are shown spinning clockwise as they fall, yet when the blades hit the ground they are spinning counter-clockwise.

See more » This episode breaks new ground in story-telling, even for House.

After Wildes profession started to grow, the couple filed for divorced in September, 2011, but she failed to seek spousal support.Prior to farming and ranching, desert shrub vegetation extended into the valley from the adjacent deserts, including extensive stands of Tornillo (Prosopis pubescens) and Catclaw Acacia (Acacia greggii).Desert grasslands extend in large part between the edges of Las Cruces and the lower slopes of the nearby Organ and Robledo Mountains, where grasses and assorted shrubs and cacti dominate large areas of this mostly rangeland and occasional, large-lot subdivision housing.In the opening scene, the wind turbines clearly face away from the Sno-Cat.After Seth starts the turbine he's working on, the turbines are facing the other way - towards the Sno-Cat.

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Their assets were evenly broken up outside of court.