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"The threat was made that those would be made public." In Cottonwood Heights, police say they are called to investigate a sexting case once a week on average.

"A lot of times (teenagers) don’t realize how serious it really is.

On just one day last week, three search warrant affidavits were unsealed from three different police agencies investigating sexting cases at three separate high schools.Sexting cases Granite School School District spokesman Ben Horsley said there have been at least 14 "major" cases of sexting that have been investigated in his district in the past four years.A major case is defined as "multiple people had access to dozens and dozens of photos, sometimes perpetrated by multiple individuals posting photos of themselves, or in some cases just one person," he said. But what many high school students are shocked to discover is that sending a nude selfie to another person can also be a felony crime. And to others, it's just what their generation does.

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Strassberg, a professor at the University of Utah's Department of Psychology. But according to Utah school and police officials, the issue is so widespread that many teens just accept it as commonplace for today's generation of high schoolers.

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