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Myfaves not updating

I can share all my art and photos with those who are interested in knowing more about how I work and what I do.

With the added bonus of not worrying about views being throttled or what algorithm is currently working best for any of those sites.

Sometimes messy studio pics, or videos where the dogs may feel the need to add their two cents to my conversation. Through the years I've been able to develop a tiny family of artists, collectors, patrons, and most of all friends, through our interactions and sharing through this page.

So if you want to be a part of my art family I recommend you check out my tiers available or even click the follow button. You're basically getting me a cup of tea a month, and for that I am eternally grateful. Your cup of tea helps get me up and moving, gets me out of a slump and reminds me how much you care. Access to Patreon only Backer content, WIPS, updates about projects, etc. I love that this space offers the perfect hybrid between a blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by my page and taking the time to learn more about me and this little family I'm building here on Patreon.

Patreon has become my primary way for connecting with my audience and my art family over the years.

Our latest exchange included screenshots of more evidence but the agent left the chat without responding and Fave automatically closed the chat (so we are unable to view the chat history), and closed off our access to any future live chat.I love this Lacoste long sleeve and I don't know how it's not sold already tbh.It's another thing I almost bought but then worried about the sleeves not being long enough for my very long arms.They were so fluffy and warm you wore them all the time? And here is one toasty looking Tommy bomber jacket and one toasty Nautica bomber and to continue with my Lacoste obsession, this is a jacket I would also buy, if I wasn't utterly incapable of spilling food all over myself.I’m very excited to be featured on the All My Faves homepage as one of their top Recipe Fave picks!

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